The Escaporium Halifax: The Haligonian

The Escaporium is now spread over two Halifax locations, with the Haligonian based at the amazing Piece Hall, barely a 5 minute walk away from the first game. It’s an amazing location, with some fantastic shops (including sweet shop Spogs and Spice owned by The Escaporium’s creators).

With the Piece Hall being a massive part of Halifax’s history, it’s the perfect place to host an escape game dedicated to the town itself…

“Enter the newly discovered private Halifax museum of Mr. P. Saul and find out what he has been the guardian of all this time!”

The Haligonian at Escaporium Halifax

Wow! The Haligonian looks fantastic. Rotating display cabinets, filled with some genuine pieces of Halifax history, and a ton of information scattered around the room. There is an overwhelming amount of detail in this room to take in, and it adds so much to the game. Away from the actual game, you find yourself learning lots about Halifax’s amazing history, with displays dedicated to everything from Quality Street to Cat’s Eyes, and Halifax FC to Ed Sheeran.

The room uses its displays perfectly in the gameplay. When a room crams a lot of things you don’t need into it, they can be referred to as red herrings, but here the additional props and information definitely enrich the experience. There was a whole range of well thought out, fun, unique puzzles in the room, all of which were logical and helped to create an excellent flow. In fact, I’d go as far to say that some of the puzzle ideas in this room are genius.

A room dedicated to the history of the town Halifax doesn’t sound like a particularly exciting concept, but the Escaporium has created a genuinely delightful, consistently enjoyable game. Excellent.

Host: Our game was hosted by the lovely owners and creators Angela & Mark – you can tell their games are created by proper enthusiasts.
Clue System: 
Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 45:50, taking a couple of clues along the way.


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  1. The Haligonian is a brilliant room. There’s lots to look at and lots to do but it’s not overwhelming. As Jamie says, a lot of the info you don’t need but it doesn’t interfere as red herrings would, it just all helps set the scene.

    The puzzles are so much fun to do, more physical (only slightly physical) than mental but you do get a little something throughout the game to keep your energy levels ☺ a welcome surprise!

    We loved this game, we loved their other game Operation Moonshine, its full of cleverly handmade unique props and puzzles and this one has the added advantage of a beautiful setting so a browse around the shops, especially Spogs and Spice, is a must do after your game. There were Christmas stalls and a brass band when we went and it just added to a lovely afternoon. Mark and Angela are fantastic owners who are also enthusiasts and this shows in their rooms. Seriously recommend this place ☺

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