Live Escape Huddersfield: Underground

We first visited the Live Escape in Huddersfield over two and a half years ago, and it’s taken longer than that for them to open a second room! With a rebranded style, a new owner and a new location, Live Escape are finally back with a new adventure…

“After the Nazis occupy the Yugoslavian capital city of Belgrade, during WW11, partisans, communists and patriots are forced to hide in a network of underground tunnels. They set up a munitions factory under the noses of the Germans and begin to smuggle weapons out, in preparation for the armed resistance to come.

After years of toiling and living underground a number of clues begin to raise suspicions that the leader has sinister intentions for you and the other workers in the tunnels. Escape is the only way out and your mission is to travel through the underground tunnels and collect 3 guns in order to escape.

Hand pick your most trusted confidants and make your bid for freedom.”

Underground at Live Escape Huddersfield

Live Escape have used the basement of their new premises to create their WWII tunnels, and the setting works great. Cold and a little grubby, it gave the perfect immersive feel to the game. The room was well furnished with some realistic props, and some unique furniture that was put to good use!

Gameplay was great with a mix of puzzles to test every skill set – numbers, observation, searching, physical and more. The game had a great flow, and everything made perfect sense after some thinking. The space has been used perfectly to create a fun game, with some great ideas executed perfectly. The standard is definitely higher than the previous game at Real Escape, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

Host: Our host was owner Austen – very welcoming, and we chatted for ages about all things escape.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a chute – the first time we’ve seen something like this!
Success? Yes, we escaped with 16 minutes remaining, taking just one clue.


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