Lockdown Oldham: The Neglected

We were invited to test the fourth game at Lockdown Oldham over the weekend, and after battling through the heavy snow, we entered an abandoned nursery to uncover its hidden secrets…

“You and a group of friends have been dared to enter a decrepit abandoned orphanage with a deep dark history. Upon entering you discover you have made a fatal mistake and need to escape before the spirits take out their rage on you. With the door somehow locked behind you, can you uncover the truth about this hall of horrors and escape alive? Regardless, you will never be the same again.”

The Neglected at Lockdown Escape Oldham

Lockdown have outdone themselves by a mile with the theming in this one. We really enjoyed the other three games at Lockdown, but The Neglected is definitely the most realistic and immersive. The room was genuinely creepy, really well furnished and filled with perfect props – the attention to detail was spot on.

It doesn’t stop at the theming though. As with Lockdown’s other rooms, they’ve come up with some great, unique puzzles, all of which fit in with the room’s theme and create an enjoyable, well flowing, linear game. We were told before we started that we don’t exit through the door we entered through – this made us very curious, as towards the end, there were no more doors to unlock, and no obvious hidden passages (I can usually spot a hidden door a mile off!). As such, it led to a very surprising, exciting exit, rounding off a fun, challenging experience.

This game is rated as having an “Extreme” difficulty – there are harder games out there, but this is definitely the most difficult at Lockdown. All the puzzles are do-able and logical, they just require some extra thinking! Newbies, take at least 4 players, enthusiasts – don’t be put off by the Oldham tag, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 2-3 experienced players should make it out of this one in good time.

Host: The whole family hosted our game, and we chatted for ages afterwards. They’ve put a lot of hard work into this game, and it’s great to see the end result.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? We completed the whole game, as it was a test, we did go over by around 5-7 minutes. There were a few minor issues that hindered us though (it’s what test games are made for!), so we’re going to count this as a success 😉

Website: www.lockdownescape.co.uk

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  1. Got to agree, another level of room here for Lockdown Oldham. The theming was really, really well done. By the time we’d done and left the room I really had forgotten we were in an industrial unit! Again, some unique, clever puzzles here as with A.W.O.L.

    Was great to see the Lockdown crew again too. A lovely family who all have a hand in the business and who genuinely care about their rooms. As Jamie says, ignore thar fact it’s Oldham and give these guys a visit. No city centre parking fees is another bonus!

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