Lucardo Manchester: Virginia House

It’s been ages since our last trip to Lucardo, and unlike every other enthusiast in the country, we weren’t flocking there to play the new University of Magic room! Not including the new (fully booked for months!) game, we’ve played all the rooms at Lucardo apart from Virginia House. Lucardo is one of our nearest escape games, so we’d kept VH back as one to play when we had a weekend with nothing booked. Finally, that weekend arrived…

“A serial killer is on the loose. Every hour, on the hour for the past 24 hours a murder has taken place. The killer has been leaving clues around the murder scenes, sending Scotland Yard around in circles. Your team has been granted access to the murder scene and is tasked with cracking the clues, riddles and puzzles to track down the next location before the murderer strikes again. An innocent life depends on you.”

Virginia House at Lucardo Manchester

The start of the game is incredibly frustrating (as I’m sure it’s designed to be!) as it takes place completely in darkness, with only a red torch each to guide you around the puzzles. We had an incredibly slow start to the game, with us both missing something slightly obvious – we definitely weren’t at our best.

As the game develops, you’re eventually gifted with some light. The room is nicely themed, and at first glance appears to have a LOT to do! As always with Lucardo rooms, Virginia House had plenty of unique, very clever puzzles. While some places (Extremescape Disley for one) are well known for their amazing theming, Lucardo must be known for having some of the best puzzles. There’s never anything too frustrating – challenging, yes, but everything works logically, and there’s always a real “aaahhhh” moment as things click into place. Virginia House was no exception!

Overall, a fun, challenging room – just like all the other games at Lucardo. We can’t wait to come back in 2018 for University of Magic (when we can find an empty timeslot, that is!).

Host: Our host was Emily – she was very friendly and gave us useful clues when we needed them.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success: Yes! With 3 clues, we escaped with 12:28 remaining.























One comment

  1. You don’t start with a torch each….you get 1 and have to work for the others! Thankfully that was a very quick process for us as I’m not a fan of dark rooms and one light source between you. This is a very good room, all the puzzles at Lucardo just make sense and there’s normally a lovely flow….just this time we stumbled a couple of times and needed those clues…. two pretty obvious things were missed by us! 😣 As always, good fun at Lucardo and looking forward to returning for the new University of Magic room.


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