MoviESCAPE Stockport: Escape the Meth Lab

Yesterday, we headed back to MoviESCAPE’s original Stockport location for the first time in over a year. Having branched out to Ashton (now known as Emergency Exit), and opened the “world’s largest escape game” in Trafford, it had been a while since Stockport got a new game. All of a sudden, they’ve got not just one new game, but two more in the pipeline. They recently announced the festive “Santa’s Cabin” and the Harry Potter themed “Merlin’s Magic Academy”, but we were there to find our inner Walter White, and take on “Escape the Meth Lab”.

“Inspired by the much loved TV show, ‘BREAKING BAD’, this is an Escape room with a twist. You have one hour to solve puzzles and clues to earn money. The more you solve, the more you earn. You and your fellow cooks have 1 hours to earn up to $1,000,000.”

Before the game, we received a brief that included a threat of “being removed from the game and reported” if we purposely damaged anything. It also featured a legal disclaimer about the game not being officially affiliated with ‘Breaking Bad’. I wouldn’t usually review a game brief – they’re not usually that noteworthy, but this brief was rule after rule, followed by legal jargon – a real party pooper.

Once in the room, there’s some nice touches and props to give the place a ‘meth lab’ feel. It was cold, sterile and bare – maybe a little too bare. There wasn’t that much to look at and investigate, with everything staying firmly on the game’s path. As much as the props in the room were really in-theme, it’s really hard to believe that this game is made by the same company that produced the fantastic Haunted House. Haunted House was a brilliant game (one of our favourites!) – brilliant set design, special effects, and a genuinely fun, tense experience. Escape the Meth Lab is a big step down.

There were some good puzzles in the room, which was pretty much linear. A few of the tasks required a fair bit of thought from us, and overall the game was quite enjoyable. One of the puzzles required some outside knowledge though, which is often seen as a big escape game rule breaker.

Overall, this isn’t a bad game – but it could be a lot better. It’s nowhere near as good as moviESCAPE’s best, but in terms of puzzles and theming, there are a lot worse you can play (without leaving Stockport!).

Host: Our host was Sophie – she was friendly and enthusiastic, and gave us a little hint just when we needed it. 
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie, but if you need one, it’ll cost you a bundle of money ($500,000) from your final total.
Yes, we escaped in 36.15, taking the whole $1 million, with the small push we needed near the start of the game not counting as a clue.


One comment

  1. Not much I can really add. Jamie has pretty much summed it up. I was looking forward to this room and left a bit disappointed, it didn’t live up to what I was expecting. That doesn’t make it a bad game, it’s just not at the level of their Haunted House room that has fantastic theming.

    The legal bits in the brief went on far too long and did kill the vibe a bit, but our host was lovely.

    The room was fairly bare but what was in there was done well. We faltered over one item but flew through the rest . One of our fastest times and no clues but there was no sense of elation about it. 😕


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