Lockdown Oldham: AWOL

We’d booked to play Lockdown’s third game next weekend, and for once had a weekend with no games planned. However, after bumping into the Lockdown owners in the Tesco across the road from them, we were offered the chance to play a week early, and obviously, we couldn’t turn that down…

“You are members of a group of highly trained members of the secret service, the Viper Unit. A member of your group has gone missing and the government believe he has gone rogue. You believe otherwise and discover he has been abducted by an unknown faction. Unfortunately, the government have ordered a drone strike on your partners location, to eliminate any threat. You have an hour to infiltrate the mystery enemy’s hideout, save your partner and escape before the building and surrounding area is destroyed.”

AWOL at Lockdown Escape Oldham

AWOL is a very clean, cold, bare room, which creates just the right atmosphere for the bunker you find yourself exploring. There’s a good number of military props, some of which are needed, and some of which are just for show, and the room has been nicely done.

In terms of puzzles, there was a good flow to the game, and everything worked logically. We sped through the first puzzles but hit a roadblock when we entered too many incorrect codes into a safe that locks you out for a few minutes – massively frustrating! However, it gave us time to find out where we were going wrong, which was needed – this was the only puzzle that didn’t work quite how you’d expect when using logic, but in less than 24 hours, they’ve already changed it – great to see a company who really welcomes feedback and takes it on board.

There’s some great little puzzles in this room with unique touches, and it shows Lockdown have gone the extra mile – rather than being a wholly paper based puzzle room, there’s some nice variety that creates a fun game.

Overall, a good game that’s probably our favourite out of the three at Lockdown. Enthusiasts, you’ll be able to do this as a team of two, newbies should take 4+ players. We’ll be back very soon for the very exciting sounding “The Neglected”, which is apparently nearly ready for opening!

Host: Our game was hosted by Caraline (that’s not a typo!), and it was great to see her again. The family who run Lockdown are lovely, and we found ourselves talking to them for nearly an hour! 
Clue System: 
Clues were delivered via a screen
Success? Yes, we escaped in around 54/55 minutes and made it to the top of the leaderboard (which only contains one other team at the moment, but shush).


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  1. Informed that they’ve already changed the section of the puzzle that was a bit ambiguous…. great news. Told you they care about making it the best experience possible! ☺

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