Cryptology Barnsley: Insanctuary

Over the weekend, we made up a trip up to Barnsley to take on Cryptology’s recently opened second room Insanctuary (stopping along the way at Pot House Hamlet where Sam got bit by an alpaca. We’d recommend taking a detour to visit it though!).

“A number of criminals have disappeared from the ‘Insanctuary Criminal Rehabilitation Unit’, it is feared they have escaped.

As first responders you need to gather all the information you can to help find them!

However, there have been strange reports coming out of ICRU in recent weeks….thing’s may not be what they first seem!”

Insanctuary at Cryptology Barnsley

The above brief is quite understated, with the story having a lot more to it, as you’ll find out before you enter the room. Once inside the room, you find yourself in a small office space, with a number of locked doors around you, each hiding mysterious rooms, one of which you can hear interesting noises coming from if you listen closely! This just builds the excitement up, leaving you eager to race through the game and open all the doors! The theming is great – the rooms have a bit of a creepy touch about them, and there’s a definite inspiration from ‘Stranger Things’ in parts!

The game is nicely laid out, with a linear path of puzzles and a great flow. The game itself had some tricky moments that required a fair bit of thinking, but it’s not a difficult game overall. Enthusiasts should be able to break out as a team of 2-3, while newbies might need around 4 players.

Overall, a really fun game, with a great finale, interesting story, and a nice mix of puzzles – everything from word, technology, physical and visual, the perfect escape room cocktail.

Host: Our host was Simon, the game’s owner. He did a great job of setting the scene before we went in the room, and we spoke to him for ages after the game about escape games. Great to see him again! 
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen 
Yes, we escaped with a time of 51:51, and took a few clues, mostly telling us to take another look at items – we weren’t at our best!


One comment

  1. That bloody alpaca bite really hurt! Last time I’m feeding him!

    Anyway.. Insanctuary was a very good room with a good mix of puzzles, all enjoyable although one caused quite a fight 😆 less about that.

    Had a bit of a panic when we were down to 35 minutes as I thought we hadn’t done much and still had a lot to do. You need to crack each room before moving onto the next after you’ve found what you need for the final room….and there’s a very nice way of delivering your final code to escape…but you are also given an additional task to complete if you wish…it’s not just about escaping.

    Great room and top owner/host in Simon. Another place we’ll always return to for future rooms.


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