Lockdown Oldham: Contagion

We never thought we’d see the day our hometown got an escape game, but all of a sudden we were sat in an industrial estate car park in Oldham, ready to play two games at the newly opened Lockdown.

Our first game was Contagion…

“You are a group of aspiring journalists, and you have received an anonymous and potentially huge tip off. There are unconfirmed reports of highly illegal scientific experiments going on in a seemingly innocent apartment. Upon arrival, the neighbours state there are strange noises and smells coming from the apartment. Can you discover the truth behind the rumours and escape before the secrets of apartment 4A eat you alive?”

Contagion at Lockdown Escape Oldham

The room consisted of a basic, on-theme apartment, and a very well themed laboratory. The apartment part of the game looked simple enough, but the lab was nicely done, and looked packed with information and things to take in.

In terms of game play, we really enjoyed Contagion. There were a few puzzles that required some hard thinking, and a few other moments that we thought were quite impressive. Overall, a solid effort from a new centre. Enthusiasts will have no problem getting out with 2 players, newbies might need 3-4 to succeed.

Host: Our game was hosted by a girl whose name we didn’t catch, but she did a good job. Just the right level of cryptic clues as and when we needed them.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen
Success? Yes, we got out with around 5-10 minutes remaining.

Website:  www.lockdownescape.co.uk

One comment

  1. Yep, a good couple of first rooms. Glad Oldham has caught up with escape games. Just don’t go with a hangover….it can really hinder you…especially in what is meant to be the easier room, Condemned. 😔 good rooms with good puzzles. Ok, you’ve seen a lot of it before if you’re a regular player but it’s all done well, nothing too easy or basic (We were stumped a couple of times in Condemned). The lab in Contagion was well themed and even had a more up to date BNF drug guide than I have at work 😁 Give it a go! Lovely guys who’ve made everything themselves, hope they do well.


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