Lockdown Oldham: Condemned

After breaking out of Contagion, we headed to Lockdown’s second room Condemned…

“During a road trip through the southern states of the USA, you come to a small town. You overhear the locals talking about a string of recent armed robberies and even murders. As you are about to leave, you are pulled over by the local sheriff and a handful of supporting officers. Before you know it, you have been arrested for the recent crimes and are imprisoned in the local jail. Already declared guilty you will soon face the death penalty. Your only hope is to escape. Can you escape your newfound fate and prove your innocence before the sheriff returns?”

Condemned at Lockdown Escape Oldham

As you might expect, this game starts with you locked in a prison cell. Stupidly (on our part), we escaped in seconds, using the emergency key to get out. After 100+ games, it’s the first time we’ve made that mistake! We set about finding what we needed to get out, finding ourselves using the pen and paper a lot to work out a particularly tricky puzzle. Oddly, this game was originally billed as one for beginners, but after a lot of failed attempts, Lockdown quite rightly marked up the difficulty.

It’s not a particularly tricky game – there’s just a lot of things that aren’t too obvious. We had to spend a lot of time thinking about things that seemed quite simple, but to be fair we were both hungover.

Overall, another good game from Lockdown. Contagion is definitely our favourite of the two, but Condemned is a nice little stopgap if you’re in the area. Enthusiasts should be able to crack this as a duo, while newbies might need four.  The next room A.W.O.L is set to open soon – we’re looking forward to returning!

Host: We didn’t catch our host’s name again, but he delivered good quality clues at the right time. After the game, we had a chat with the whole family who run Lockdown. A very nice team who have some good ideas.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes. I think we escaped in around 45 minutes, but were sent back in to get evidence proving our innocence. It was a bit anti-climatic in that we then spent ten minutes trying to work out exactly what it was we needed to finish the game, as it wasn’t very clear. The team were very keen to get feedback, and this was the only negative we had to give them.

Website: www.lockdownescape.co.uk

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