Locked In Edinburgh: The Distillery

Day 2 of our Edinburgh trip saw us head over to the highly recommended Locked In, based at Summerhall. Summerhall is a beautiful building, now home to some very interesting businesses, including Locked In and Pickering’s Gin. Combined together, you get a very interesting and unique premise for an escape game.

“Delve into the depths of modern day Summerhall, a cultural center for arts and alcohol lovers alike! We’ve partnered up with our neighbours at Pickering’s Gin to create a challenging and immersive experience- Locked in the Distillery.

Your mission here is to uncover the identity of the disgruntled employee plotting against the Distillery, find out what they’re up to, save yourself and save the gin!”

The Gin Distillery at Locked In Edinburgh

Science labs, Egyptian tombs, detective offices, prison cells – there’s a huge number of rooms dedicated to those themes. It’s likely (but unverified) that every city in the UK has one of each of those themed escape games. So, it’s surprisingly refreshing to find yourself in a room with such a specific theme.

The gin distillery in this game has been beautifully constructed. Everything looks so real, and it’s a genuinely interesting space to be in. The setting is utilised brilliantly – forget taking notes on a piece of paper, you’re given a whiteboard marker and told to use the side of the still!

As well as a brilliant theme, the game also packs some brilliant puzzles. The first stage of the experience sees you compiling information on all of the distillery’s employees, trying to find which is the culprit. The game develops from there, and you find yourself completing some fun, unique challenges. The finale of the game was a high pressure moment that resulted in a lot of running and shouting, before we finally burst out of the door to be greeted by the adorable Locked In dogs Dexter and Dorothy – best exit yet!

Overall, a fantastic game from Locked In with a really unique premise.

Host: Our game was hosted by a nice guy whose name we’ve forgotten (sorry!), and we chatted to owners Jackie & Heidi for a while after the game. They’re very enthusiastic about what they do and have some great ideas. The perfect hosts!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen
Success? Our best success yet! This was our 112th game, and ridiculously, the first we’d completed without any clues. Our time was 52.13

Website: www.lockedinedinburgh.com

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