Exit Plan Edinburgh: Framed

Not stopping to take a breath after The Tesla Cube, we went straight into our second game at Exit Plan… Framed.

“You are fugitives on the run from the police who are hunting you for a series of murders that have taken place recently.  It is only you that knows you are innocent and that you have been framed by the real killer!

Detective Combs, who was working on the case, was close to finding the identity of the killer but nobody has seen him for several days.  Fearing the worst has happened to him, you know that your only hope of clearing your name is to break into the Detectives apartment where he kept all his findings and pick up where he left off to find out who the real killer is.

As soon as you step inside however, you set off the alarm system trapping you inside and alerting the police.  With the authorities on route, you need to find out who the killer is and make your escape quick!”

Framed Exit Plan Edinburgh

It’s another room themed as an office – it’s furnished well, and looks an interesting room, but while the theming might not be massively exciting, the puzzles are again excellent.

Theming isn’t a strong point at Exit Plan, but they’ve developed some really good, unique puzzles. As with The Tesla Cube, the game was mostly linear, absolutely not ambiguous, and most of all, fun! There’s some really great things to do in this room, with the puzzles being well mixed. Some paper based, some technology based.

Another great thing about this room is the fact that when you’re told you have to find out who the killer is, you actually do have to do that. In a lot of rooms with similar themes, you find the suspect as the story goes on, and then you escape, but it doesn’t feel that important. In Framed, you get one opportunity, and one opportunity only to name the killer – if you get it wrong, it’s game over!

Host: Our host was David again – he ran the game brilliantly, giving clues exactly when we needed them.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen
Success? Yes, we escaped in 45 minutes and 52 seconds, using a few more clues than we needed in Tesla.

Website: exitplanedinburgh.co.uk

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  1. Another office room…hmm. BUT, more good and unique puzzles! After a good run in Tesla Cube we played this room earlier than booked, which worked well for tea time too, and we started well but undid come to a standstill at one point. Again, more codes and symbols, one a little challenging involving a musical instrument, but not too hard. Opening a door to another room was made in a simple but clever way.

    I like the process of eliminating suspects, just brings another element to the game, and as above, if you got the wrong person, game over. You should be left with 2 suspects on the final puzzle….which reveals a clue in an interesting way with an everyday household object! Once revealed you can select the correct suspect and open their box in aid for you to escape.

    Our least favourite of Exit Plan’s games but that by no way means it’s a bad room in any way…we just simply preferred the others. It’s definitely worth playing!

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