MoviESCAPE Ashton: Haunted House Poltergeist

NOTE: MoviESCAPE’s Ashton Branch now operates as “Emergency Exit

Our fourth trip to MoviESCAPE came this weekend as we took on the final part of the Haunted House trilogy. We’d previously played their other three horror games (with the new Star Wars themed ‘Escape the Cantina’ still on our to-do list).

We found Sawtopsy to be a great looking room, but wasn’t overly impressed with the game. This didn’t stop us going back though, and we found ourselves blown away by Haunted House at Stockport. A beautifully designed set, with great special effects, a genuinely creepy atmosphere and a fun game. A few months ago we played part two at Ashton, taking on the dining room of Crowley Manor, which took on an exorcism theme. Another great game, well themed with some unique puzzles. We’ve now made our final trip into Crowley Manor, this time one of the bedrooms, but is it a fitting end to the trilogy?

“Poltergeist is the final chapter in the story of the world’s most haunted house Crowley Manor, to put an end to the house’s reign of terror. Players find themselves in Lord Crowley’s daughter, Alice’s room, where they will find out the real mystery behind the mysterious house.”


Again, the movie industry background of the creators shines through in this room. It’s a genuinely creepy child’s bedroom, locked away in an abandoned, derelict, haunted manor. A gloomy, damp looking room, with boarded up windows and a few toys scattered around. The room is quite dark – there’s only one source of light in the room that doesn’t light up the entire space, so a lot of the time you’ll find yourself carrying around quite a unique light source.

This room is probably the least scary out of the three Crowley Manor games. There were no jump scares, meaning we could concentrate and get on with things, but if you request the game to be scarier, I’m sure they’ll take great delight in doing everything they can to break you down! It may have been the least scary, but it was definitely the most difficult of the trilogy. A few of the puzzles required a fair bit of thinking, but it flowed nicely and we didn’t need too many clues.

Another fun experience from MoviESCAPE, although I’m glad this is the final game in that manor… it gives me the creeps! There’s some very exciting plans for future games at the Ashton site, and we can’t wait to see them come to life. We’ll be back at MoviESCAPE soon to try out the Cantina game, apparently the world’s largest escape room!

Host: Our host was Ronnie, who runs the Ashton site and has created the rooms. A really nice guy who has a lot of enthusiasm for what he does – we kept him chatting for an hour after the game!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a ghostly voice, echoing around the room.
Success? Yes, we escaped with just under ten minutes left.


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