Mission Exit Dukinfield: Not Guilty

Taking on a rare midweek game, we headed just around the corner to Dukinfield to take on Mission Exit’s second game “Not Guilty”. For the first time since one of the first games we did in 2014, we didn’t play this game as two, instead teaming up with Amy from Brit of an Escape Habit.

We made our first trip to Mission Exit a few months ago to play the first game “The Killer’s Code”. To be blunt, we didn’t really enjoy it, although in fairness it was in the testing stage, and owner Alex took on board a lot of feedback. Despite our thoughts on the first game, we went along to try out game two…

“You and a group of friends have been framed for a murder that you didn’t commit. You have one hour to not only find a way out, but to gather all the evidence needed to take the real perpetrator down.

The evidence is bursting to escape…but are you ?”

Not Guilty at Mission Exit Dukinfield

Let’s get the negatives out of the way. The theming was very basic and immersion was low. This isn’t a game ruiner though – sometimes you play amazingly themed Hollywood level games, sometimes you play basic games where you know you’re in an escape game. Alex himself admitted it was on the basic side – it’s still early days for Mission Exit, and in a small location like Dukinfield with a smaller budget, it’s difficult to compete with the big city centre games.

Away from the theming though, it’s clear Mission Exit has come a long way since the launch of their first game. I’d say “Not Guilty” was a huge improvement on “The Killer’s Code”. The game had a good flow, was quite linear, and had a nice mix of puzzles. Everything made sense after spending some time thinking, and there were even a couple of things to do that were quite unique. We had a lot of fun in this room, and Alex has created quite an enjoyable game. We flew through the bulk of the game, and then hit a big stumbling block – we weren’t at our most observant!

Overall, “Not Guilty” is a great improvement on Mission Exit’s first game, and we had a lot of fun playing it. I think local newbies will have a great time with this, and although the game won’t exactly “wow” enthusiasts, it’s still a good one to play. Alex told us a few of his plans for future rooms – we’re looking forward to coming back and seeing them come to life.

Host: Our host was game creator Alex. We had a great chat after the game, and during the game he delivered clues exactly when we needed them.
Clue System: Clues are delivered via hand-written notes through the letter box.
Success? Yes! We made it out with around 5 minutes to spare.


We played this game with Amy from Brit of an Escape Habit – her review of the experience is here: https://britofanescapehabit.wordpress.com/2017/09/21/mission-exit-not-guilty/

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