Escapologic Nottingham: Heistakes

We visited Escapologic in August to replay the three games we’d previously failed, and take on the two rooms that hadn’t opened on our first visit. We’ve already reviewed our experience testing Robin of Lockskey, which we played after we took on the vault of Heistakes.

After a daring bank heist goes incredibly wrong, can you finish the job?

Five very different criminals were brought together to accomplish the impossible, break into the high security vault underneath Scelus Bank and steal whatever is inside. The operation did not go according to plan and the five have found themselves in police custody, on the run or even worse, dead!

Were they set up by the mysterious leader known as Xander and if so, to what end?

Now is your chance to assemble a crack team of your fellow criminals and take on the most heart stopping heist in history. Will you crack under the intense pressure or will you escape before the police turn up?  With the help of two anonymous hackers your task is to finish the job before the authorities return, the clock is ticking and you’re running out of time!

Heistakes at Escapologic

We were given a sneak preview of Heistakes in February. Our brief look around revealed to us two things – something we’d never seen before in an escape room, and the most fantastic, Hollywood looking vault we’d ever seen. We were excited to come back and actually play this game, and were not disappointed.

The first part of the game involved that thing we’d never seen before in an escape room, which eventually led to you entering the vault. The vault is a beautiful space, and has been utilised excellently. The theming is spot on, and wouldn’t look amiss in a blockbuster bank heist movie.

In terms of game play, I honestly can’t think of a single puzzle in that room that wasn’t unique. We sped through the vault, taking on a lot of fun challenges involving tech and locks. A few previous players warned us online before going in that the room requires a LOT of precision. They weren’t lying. We had a massive argument in the vault trying to open a tricky lock, and we thought that was what they were referring to.

We escaped from the vault with over 20 minutes to spare, only to discover one final obstacle…. It was there we learned what precision meant, as we reached the most frustrating finale to a game I’ve ever seen. The final puzzle was incredible, despite its high frustration level, and adrenaline and tension reached a huge high.

Heistakes is a fantastic game. It feels very different to all the other brilliant games at Escapologic, and is stunning, exciting, challenging, and very frustrating – the perfect combination.

Host: Our host was Woody, and like all the hosts at Escapologic was enthusiastic and did a great job.
Clue System: Clues are delivered via a computer hacker. All of Escapologic’s clue systems are uniquely tailored to suit the room’s theme, and this one was no different.
Success? This room defeated us. We’d have needed another 10 minutes to even come close to completing the final puzzle, and we unfortunately wasted that 10 minutes earlier on with another frustrating challenge!


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