Stuck in the Riddle Huddersfield: The Dungeon

Our last escape trip to Huddersfield came well over two years ago when we played Prison Breakout at The Live Escape. They’ve never opened another room, and the town of Huddersfield didn’t open any more games. Until now…

It was odd that it took so long for a town as big as Huddersfield to expand it’s escape game offering from just one room, but was it worth the wait?

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“The King is dead! In the late hours of last night your father, and the King of England, tragically died under suspicious circumstances. Suddenly a troupe of guards, commanded by your cousin, burst into your room while you sleep and take you to the dungeon to lock you up – as the rightful heir to the throne you suspect your cousin is planning on murdering you so he can claim the throne for himself.”

Firstly, the dungeon looked great. Nicely themed and furnished, coming together to help create a fun room. Without giving too much away, you do start the game hancuffed, stuck in one half of the room. This can sometimes be a bit of annoyance that feels like it’s been done just for the sake of it (believe me, we’ve had some terrible escape room handcuff experiences). However, at Stuck in the Riddle, it really added to the game. There were things for both of us to be doing, both as a team and individually, and we freed ourselves in good time.

Being a dungeon, the room is quite dark. Not pitch black, but without the good quality lanterns we’d each been provided with, we’d have struggled to do anything. From there, there was a good mix of fairly linear puzzles. This was quite a “padlocky” game, which is always fun, and the puzzles went from “quite simple” to “very challenging”. Just the right mix for a good hour of escaping!

Overall, The Dungeon was a good game, and we had a great time. For someone who’d had no experience working in the escape industry, this was a very good effort for a first room opening. We’re looking forward to coming back and playing the next two games once they’re open.

Newbies, take 3 or 4 people and enjoy a challenge. Enthusiasts, you’ll have fun and escape in good time with a team of 2.

Host: Our host was the owner and creator of the game. I’m rubbish with names (sorry!). Had a good chat about his game and escape games overall, and he did a good job giving us clues when needed.
Clue System: The traditional & best method – clues came via a screen.
Success? Yes! We got out with 5:37 left on the clock and went straight to the top of the leaderboard. Although we were only the second team to escape. There’s a good chance we won’t be on the leaderboard for much longer!



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  1. Loved this room. Was really impressed with it for a “first room”. A lot to get through. Thomas (I Think!), the host mentioned that he may take something out but I hope he doesn’t. Every puzzle made sense and as Jamie says the handcuff part really added to the game. Thomas works as a printer and had printed all the castle wall coverings. Lovely room, great puzzles, great host, good with clues…really recommend this room. We’ll definitely be back for the new rooms

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