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Lock Us Up is the blog of Jamie & Sam, a mum & son duo (an odd combination, we know) who have together completed over 100 games across the UK.

Our escape game journey began in 2014 when we both had a day off work, and decided to try something new. From a quick Google search of “things to do in Manchester”, we discovered Breakout Manchester, a real life “escape game”. Having never heard of the concept before, we headed off the next day to play their hardest room Madchester (it was all that was available).

Following the game, we found ourselves sat on a bench outside the venue for the next half an hour, wondering what had just happened to us. We’d never experienced anything of the like before, but we agreed it was something special. Not long after, we returned to the venue for another room, and another, and another, until they had no rooms left. (They only had 4 at the time!). A recommendation from a game host led us to Clue HQ Warrington, and another took us to Macclesfield’s Escape Quest. One game turned to ten, which suddenly became 50. In August 2017, we completed the big 100 at Escapologic in Nottingham, and we’ve never looked back.

We’ll be writing reviews of each game we play and posting them on this blog. I’d love to write reviews for the backlog of games already played, but I know I’d give up after the first 10, so instead we’ll posting reviews of each centre we’ve already played at.

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  1. Will always remember sitting on that bench that first time just totally in awe! We’ve had a few games since then that have provided that same feeling! Lance of Longinus at Time Run and Curio at Escapologic are two that spring to mind. Many others have come close. There’s some brilliant games out there these days!

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