Crack the Code Sheffield: The Vault

NOTE: This game is now closed. Reviews of some of Crack the Code’s new games can be found here: Zoltan & Apartment 9

Our trip to Sheffield on Bank Holiday Monday saw us play two games at Enigma Rooms (Our review is here), and one game at Crack the Code.

Our first visit to Crack the Code came back in March 2015, when the Cold War Room became one of the first ten or so we played. Since then, we’ve taken in over 90 more games, and after a long time of having The Vault on our to-do list, but never actually making it back, we finally made our return.

“Local gangsters have stolen your family tiara and stashed it away in their lock-up. Once inside the hoodlums lair the door will lock behind you. Using only your wits and intelligence you’ll have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, recover the tiara and exit the room. Can you beat the clock and restore the family heirloom?”

The Vault at Crack the Code Sheffield

There are so many different ways of categorising escape games – if we went by theming, I’d say there were three types. Type 1 would be the highly immersive, realistic games (places such as Escapologic & Time Run). Type 2 would be the ones which don’t focus on realism, but instead fill a room with flashing lights and smoke effects to make it an exciting experience (Clue HQ comes to mind). Then there’s type 3, otherwise known as the “traditional escape game”.

Crack the Code is a type 3. Forget flashy set design and big production values. You’re not in Hollywood – here’s a laminate sheet with a puzzle on it. This is a traditional escape game all the way. Some enthusiasts might have moved on from that sort of game, but we still love it.

At first glance, this room looks like it has a lot to do, but before you know it, you’re flying through puzzles, physical challenges, riddles and anything else you’d expect in a traditional escape game. We really enjoyed this room.

It was a very linear game, and we had a lot of fun. The variation of puzzles was just right, and although we did need a couple of clues, we didn’t find ourselves getting stuck in a rut or feeling frustrated.

Overall, a fun, enjoyable game with a good mix of puzzles and a nice flow. We were told to expect another couple of rooms to be open by the end of the year (one of which had quite the unique premise), and we’re looking forward to returning.

Host: Our host was the owner of Crack the Code. We didn’t catch his name unfortunately, but he was the same person who hosted our game in 2015. A nice chap, who we had a good chat with afterwards.
Clue System: Clues were delivered as and when needed on a TV screen (which wasn’t turned on when we entered the room. We had to find the switch!)
Success? Yes, we got out with 12.25 remaining.


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